What are Binary Options?

What are Binary Options?

More and more is perceive advertising provider of binary options in the media. But what are binary options exactly and how can earn money by?

binary-503603_960_720With binary options there are financial instruments can rely on the trader. Deciding have traders only if they bet on http://www.onlinescam.net/ rising or falling prices. The special feature of binary options is the low capital outlay. Some brokers like BDSwiss You can bet on binary options starting at 5 euros.

How does the principle of “binary options”?

Where is the price of the underlying. In addition, the broker two states willing typically give its own market value. The trader must then say whether the price of the underlying is at a predetermined time on ( “1” or call) or below ( “0” or put) this course. Has he guessed correctly, he gets at the end of the option term returns that are a percentage based on its use. When BDSwiss get traders and distributors to classical options up to 89% yield, which is the binary options broker to find the top of the payout amount.

With trading strategies for success trading binary options has to be thought through. Some basic knowledge of the market must be present for OnlineScam betting on call and put options will not become a pure gambling. Therefore Professional traders use to action strategies by which they decide which option it when pulling. is well recognized for its trend-following strategy. The dealer looks at the recent price development and is based on the trend he may determine. Ordinarily, the probability that a course follows its trend, higher than that it changes direction – “The trend is your friend”.

Binary options as a hedge

Forex traders and stock traders use binary options in addition to their daily business for the loss protection. They consider their positions in the currency and equity market and calculate by what binary options they can secure this. The adjustment takes place so well that at the end emerges a guaranteed profit.

An absolute exception in the German tax system: the establishment of tax obligations to the State is relatively simple in binary options. This is due to the introduction of income tax. There is a uniform tax rate of 25 percent https://www.onlinescam.net/24option/ is estimated at all gains from securities transactions, as long as the total earnings are within a year per person over 801.00 euros. Projected plan also is the solidarity surcharge.

A separate calculation of tax liability from trading in binary options is generally not necessary. The income tax return must be only the KAP are attached, on which revenue is entered from securities transactions. Total tax burden then determines the tax office. For example, should be developed from the income tax returns, then the expected tax payment will probably be charged with it. If this is not the case, reports the tax office with a tax bill and the corresponding demand on the tax amount.

Gains and losses: how do I calculate the tax liability?

Suppose a trader starts with a specific start-up capital with the action and win all of his trades. In an option contract he now uses https://www.onlinescam.net/banc-de-binary/ all his capital and loses. Must then the above, gains each tax be paid, so that the same results in a double negative business for the trader?